Words on a picture

La chauve-souris / The Bat / Il pipistrello I was taking a walk in my neighborhood. 
A mask on my face, respecting the sanitary constraints and probably inwardly raging against all those who don't care and deviate from my idea of freedom.
My attention was then drawn to a fence and the wooden knots embedded in it. 
For a while, I just couldn't take my eyes off this figure that appeared to me between and behind the bars. I only had my self-phone to catch it. 
Back home, I cropped the image and ran it somewhat through post-processing. 
And I thought about the bat, which may be the origin of everything we are going through. 
I love birds and I love freedom. 
But I felt like a guilty pleasure watching what I wanted to see as a bat behind those bars. 
Then I remembered that the bat is not a bird. 
And I kept my grudge, as guilty as my pleasure, against some mammals and my desire to see them locked up.
Renaissance / Rinascente